Peace in families this Christmas

22 Dec 2016

I feel stirred to somehow redress the recent article posted on Parental Alienation. In all my work with alienated parents and children, I make a practice of holding for my clients, the prospect of not only peace and reconciliation, but also forgiveness, no matter how long family splits have endured. And that practice I need to hold with even more faith and conviction at this time of year, as something that's heartfelt amidst the peace schmaltz we are deluged with. I was touched by two articles recently.

One is by Joshua Becker called about taking a stand against bitterness in a family.

The other is by Karen Woodall called 'Keep loving the lost ones'

Karen has been the thought leader in this country on Parental Alienation. This small extract gives a flavour of her insight and comfort all those affected can draw hope. "As we move towards the longest night, when the darkness prevails and despair can take over, take heart, take care and know that there are many of us who stand beside you, who understand how it feels and who know that you are still the mother or father or grandparent of your beloved children (not forgetting your wider family). And your children know it too, deep down inside, where the memories stay, where the imprints that teach us who we are cannot be removed. You do not ever stop being a parent, a grandparent an aunt or an uncle, no-one can take that away from you. As the lights twinkle and the world turns inwards, keep on loving your lost ones, even in the face of your pain and your heartache. Keep loving them, because one day, Christmas future, they will need you".